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Here you can find a selected list of programs like blender that you can download, install and use in your computer.

The following programs are a selection of the best software similar to blender. Among the programs like blender, you can find some like Blender 2.66a (32 bits) or Blender 2.57b (64 bits).

Blender 2.66a (32 bits)

Truly amazing modeling, animation and rendering. The Free (GPL) software for Windows Blender 2.66a (32 bits) is an useful program like blender. This application can be used to blender and users who tried it, think that Blender 2.66a (32 bits) is a very good software to blender.

Blender 2.66a (32 bits) is available in English.

Blender 2.57b (64 bits)

Powerful software for 3D modeling, animation and rendering. If you area searcing programs like blender, Blender 2.57b (64 bits) is an useful Free (GPL) software that runs on Windows platforms. This application can be used like blender and those who tried it, think that Blender 2.57b (64 bits) is a acceptable software to blender.

Blender 2.57b (64 bits) is available in English.

Blender Portable 2.60a

Truly amazing modeling, animation and rendering. This Free application for Windows is useful in case that you are searching for a software to blender. In such case this program may be used to blender and according to some users opinion, this is a acceptable program to blender.

Blender Portable 2.60a can be used over Win2000, XP y Vista platforms. The interface of this software is available in English.

PDF Blender 1.1.2

Among other applications, we can find PDF Blender 1.1.2. Blend and combine PDF files with this free software. Those who have tried it say that PDF Blender 1.1.2 is a acceptable to blender.

The software PDF Blender 1.1.2 is a Free program to blender that can be executed on WinXP y Vista. PDF Blender 1.1.2 is a Free software of blender that is available for WinXP y Vista platforms. Related to the available languages, PDF Blender 1.1.2 is available in English.


One of useful programs like blender is PageBlender Get complete control over your web site's content. Users think that this software is excelent if what you want to do is blender.

PageBlender is a Trial version application that works over Win95, 98, 98SE, Me, 2000, NT y XP. You can download PageBlender in English.

File Blender 0.18

If what you want is a program like blender in Windows platform, this program can be useful for you.

File Blender 0.18 is a very good Free app that works over Windows platforms and in this version is available in English.

This application is available for platforms like Win2000, XP y Vista.

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